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In 2017 Chicago Animal Care and Control took in almost 15,000 animals.

Of the 14,906 animals that were taken in, rescue partners transferred more than 1/2 of them into their care (8,030).  Without these partners, most of those animals would have died. The question we need to ask is WHY? While performance and lifesaving has improved in Chicago’s animal shelters significantly over the past ten years and lifesaving progress has been made at Chicago Animal Care and Control over the past two years, treatable and rehabilitatable homeless pets are still being killed in Chicago’s shelters that can be saved. 


Across the country, thousands of communities have made the commitment to saving 90% or more of their homeless pets in their municipal and non-profit shelters. Why should our great city be any different?

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 Join us at the the next dinner table for an inspiring & delicious experience.


Meet the faces behind all of the local artists who are choosing to donate their time and talent to be involved in the cause.


Read about what inspired the creation of  Saving City Tails.


The world doesn’t need more traditional fundraisers raising large dollar amounts at some big fancy party.


What the animal welfare world does need is a more impactful narrative that exposes truth with a focus on providing solutions.


People who speak on behalf of our pets in a way that makes people pay attention, engage and listen to the “why”.


We believe that by working collectively whether you are a politician, teacher, activist, rescue founder, artist or pet lover as one cohesive unit can and will create No kill communities. We will show you how.


Join us in being the voice of the voiceless through creative one of a kind experiences.

Nicole Quattrocki| Saving City Tails Founder

Nicole started Saving City Tails after volunteering in rescue, raising funds through her artwork at silent auctions and having two pit bulls that were severely abused from a kill shelter. Her life's purpose has become creating change and awareness for The No kill movement through creative platforms with local rescue partners.

Kristen Gerali | ALIVE Rescue Founder

Kristen is known throughout Chicago-land for her work. Alive Rescue is known for their work with some of the most challenging cases. She is one of the guest storytellers at the table for Saving City Tails.

Laura Gannarelli

Laura is a creative director, artist and maker currently residing in Chicago. She is one of the artists for Saving City Tails.