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Behavioral Training

Saving City Tails supports shelters and rescue groups that provide training and behavior modification support.  Often, when you adopt a pet from a shelter you know nothing about that animal’s past, including any abuse and trauma that will directly affect the animal’s behavior. Unfortunately, the public, through no fault of their own, is not educated enough to understand the challenges of adoptive pet behavior.  The potential adopter needs to be educated on the reality that there is no such thing as a perfectly behaved rescue pet.  The potential adopter also needs to know that they are not alone in working with their rescue pet’s behavioral issues.  Saving City Tails supports shelters that educate on the challenges of rescue pets as well as those shelters that are proactive with implementing behavioral programs through their organizations while working with feral dogs.

We believe that by implementing more educational and support programs, we will drastically decrease the number of pets that are adopted but then quickly brought back into the system because of their
perceived bad behavior.