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Foster Education

Foster networks are crucial for shelter animals that need extra time and love; those pets that may not “show well” to the public.  Fostering a pet can lead directly to finding that pet his/her forever home.  Many shelters and rescues simply do not have the physical capacity to support actually housing the pets.  For these operations, having an accessible foster network that can easily be matched with shelters and rescues that need help is crucial.

Foster care also provides temporary relief for sick and injured dogs and cats that require healing in a more peaceful environment.  For these special needs pets, shelters can be stressful environments.

ISO-Fosters are in great demand. An ISO-FOSTER name is given to a foster that needs to be kept in a home without dogs for a set period of time. Some ISO dogs are sick with highly contagious dog-to-dog diseases, while others have only been exposed, but aren’t showing symptoms. 
Due to the outbreak of canine influenza in the U.S.A., this network is essential to keeping sick puppies and dogs alive.

Saving City Tails supports shelters and rescues that have strong foster networks and programs in place.