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Spay & Neuter Education

Spay & Neuter Education

Spaying or neutering will not  change your pet’s temperament per se, but it can reduce many behavioral issues as well as the motivation to roam. Despite what some may think, by getting your pet spayed or neutered you are actually doing your pet a huge service.

The term “spay” refers to the sterilization of female pets. The term “neuter,” while more commonly used to refer to the castration of male pets, can be used to describe the sterilization of either female or male pets through the removal of reproductive organs.

Spay and neuter directly reduces the number of homeless animals in our shelters that  would otherwise be euthanized. Spay and Neuter reduces the population  entering shelters by the hundreds of thousands
each day.

The majority of homeless animals that end up in city and rural shelters are picked up from urban and rural, low-income communities. This often results in a misconception that residents of underserved, low-income communities simply just “don’t care.”  The fact is, many of these individuals live below the poverty line and are financially unable to  spay and neuter their pets. These communities simply lack the financial resources to be able to care for and provide medical treatment to their pets. This is why low-cost spay and neuter services and programs would have an immense impact.

Saving City Tails is passionate about working in these communities by supporting local shelter partners that run low cost spay and neuter services.