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My name is Nicole Quattrocki, I’m the founder of
The Saving City Tails Foundation.

Above is one of my two muses, my rescues, my inspiration, my best friends and my family, please meet Gigi.  There is always one more photogenic one in every family, right?  I lead with her.

Gigi and Kyah came from a high rate kill shelter in 2009 in Kansas City, KS where pit bulls are illegal. Kyah had broken paws that were inflicted upon her by a human.  Both of my dogs had a very long road to recovery and rehabilitation, mentally and physically. My adoption experience with my dogs was my first time inside a government operated shelter.  The experience opened my eyes to the reality of broken systems and processes.

My love for animals transcends deeper than any other love I have known.  I have always felt more at peace in the presence of animals than with people.  I am an artist by nature who graduated from Art School at Columbia College in Chicago more than a decade ago.  I spent the first portion of my career in fashion in L.A working for brands like G.U.E.S.S creating textiles for apparel lines which led me to my love for branding and communications at W HOTELS Chicago.

I spent a summer volunteering with The Paws For Life Program through PAWS CHICAGO in Englewood. As a result, I gained a fresh new outlook and perspective on root problems that were contributing to the euthanasia of treatable and adoptable pets in our Chicago Shelters. 

I felt compelled to educate my friends, the “general public” and contribute to the solution on a macro level.

My objective is to collaborate and work with rescue groups, shelters, pet lovers, artists, business professionals, city officials and organizations in our local communities to promote change & awareness through creative platforms.