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Why No kill Awareness?

Why No kill Kill Awareness?

What does No Kill really mean in our local communities?

We at Saving City Tails believe that euthanizing a pet should only happen when a veterinary professional and a behavioral expert determine that the pet’s quality of life is impaired and the condition is untreatable. We believe that there is no reason or excuse for pets ending up in our local shelters to be euthanized under any other circumstance. Thanks to organizations like Wags 2 Wishes, where Chloe (above) was saved, Alive Rescue, One Tail At a Time and many other wonderful rescues that say YES to giving all animals the chance to live.

Saving City Tails supports shelters and organizations dedicated to No kill for this reason. Saving City Tails does not support or advocate for organizations that euthanize animals that are healthy and adoptable. We believe in advocating for fixing broken systems and processes that still exist in too many outdated models. We believe in educating the public and serving as a catalyst for a much larger mission.